Bespoke projects

Vehicles with soul


Understand and identify

Discover the requirements of use of the vehicle. Our major challenge is to understand and identify. In this process, we work closely with the customers to discover all the details of usability and service required by a vehicle.


Design and validate

Our creative process begins here and it has two steps: Designing and validating. Engineering, creativity and the technical office work together on different designs to propose solutions that respond to the vehicle’s real needs. We do not go on to the next steps without the customer having validated the drawings and designs.


Manufacture and finish

We carry out the entire process in our workshops, with the care and attention of an artisan, but with the precision and technology of an engineer. For us, the difference lies in the details and that is why we take special care over the interior design and finish of the vehicle.

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Every project is unique

Every project is unique and in most cases this means we have to start from scratch, specifically designing the spaces and developing the drawings for all the installations, with the flexibility of a totally bespoke project.

The project development phase is a delicate one and requires significant participation by the customer, as, in this phase, the spaces and utilities, material qualities and vehicle functionality will be defined.


Quality, durability, ergonomics and design

Four main criteria form the basis for all the vehicles we manufacture: quality, durability, ergonomics and design. The manufacturing process, even with all the company’s technological advances, is totally traditional, requiring a highly qualified work team specialised in different areas (engineering, metal, mechanics, telecommunications and automatisms, installations or home automation).

The entire manufacturing process is executed at Rioja Singular Vehicles, in agreement with strict quality controls. The materials we work with are tested according to the most demanding European regulations and standards, to achieve the maximum functionality and durability possible.

With our multi-disciplinary work team, we can be self-sufficient to guarantee excellent executions, as well as to meet our delivery times.


Conversion, modification and restyling

We offer conversion, modification and restyling services, restructuring the interior and passenger spaces, or implementing new technologies for the vehicle.

Understand – Identify
Design – Validate
Manufacture- Solve


Repair of chassis, bodywork and other services

Our vehicles, like any mechanical, electronic or hydraulic element, require minimum maintenance to be in the best conditions for use.

We offer maintenance and repair work on chassis, bodywork or additional services such as electric,  home automation, electronic, water or HVAC installations, or audio-visual systems. Keep your vehicle as new with Rioja Singular Vehicles.

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